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Gone Fishin’

Poker is somewhere like fishing where you can sit with your hook tantalizing, waiting for the bait to do its work. Alternatively, poker is a game, which not only requires luck and fortune but an uncanny ability to deceive, a […]

Don’t Be Intimidated at the Poker Table

At whatever level of poker you play, it can sometimes be difficult to not become intimidated at the table. If you are a beginner, the focus is mostly on the flop and winning from pot to pot. In poker, the […]

Balance Your Passion For Poker And Your Family’s Needs

First of all, let’s clear the air a bit by stating that the following guide does not refer to poker players with a severe gambling addiction. In essence, the article is addressed to professional and amateur poker enthusiasts who intend […]

How to Create Effective Poker Goals

Setting goals for a particular casino game may not sound as important. However, did you know that writing down your goals can help you achieve your dreams more easily? Well, it is quite evident that, players who write their goals […]

Poker Odds

In this article we are going to show how mathematics and numbers are closely linked to gambling and casino table games in general. Many scientists and mathematicians have dedicated part of their studies to explain the inner mechanisms of such […]

Online Poker Cheating

Here we report an interesting post published on the blog by Kris: “Why would anyone cheat? Some would say it’s human nature to try and gain unfair advantage, but I’d like to hope that human nature would be to […]