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Event Bingo

The game of bingo is enjoyed across the land. Whether it is free bingo online or regular meetings at the local hall, there is always something for everybody to enjoy. This universality has seen an increase in event bingo, with […]

CarbonPoker Signs Shannon Elizabeth

CarbonPoker has announced today that actress and poker fanatic Shannon Elizabeth has signed on to represent the brand in the poker community. Shannon will represent CarbonPoker at major poker tournaments, play regularly on the site, and be involved in the […]

10 poker tips & tricks

In this post I want to share a few poker tips, on which I have lately built up a successful strategy at online poker tables. 1) How much you care your money – Everyone likes to win of course, but […]

Poker Odds

In this article we are going to show how mathematics and numbers are closely linked to gambling and casino table games in general. Many scientists and mathematicians have dedicated part of their studies to explain the inner mechanisms of such […]

Lesson 2 – ON GREED

-If you stay too long you lose. First of all because concentration is not infinite even though you don’t perceive it and continue to feel strong; second because the other players, even unconsciously, start knowing your play. Don’t hope for […]

Lesson 1 – ON RISK

Poker is a natural fit with the inclinations, talents, and skills of many future entrepreneurs. A close reading of the odds, combined with the ability to out-psych the opposition, leads to capital accumulation in many fields, aside from the poker […]