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Learn how to bluff and win the poker game!

Let me start by saying that the number one rule of bluffing at poker is to avoid doing it with every hand. Since the function of the bluff is to disguise your behavior, it is not recommendable that you bluff […]

A Few Poker Tips That Work

Poker is the favorite game of many and the advent of online casinos and poker playrooms have made it possible for those, who did not have access to land-based casinos, to play their favorite game from their homes. However, online […]

How to Detect the Online Poker Cheat

Collusion among players which is the most common method employed by the poker cheat occurs both in land based casinos and online poker rooms. But unlike in casinos where collusion is so subtle and hardly noticeable, cheating in online poker […]

10 poker tips & tricks

In this post I want to share a few poker tips, on which I have lately built up a successful strategy at online poker tables. 1) How much you care your money – Everyone likes to win of course, but […]

Lesson 2 – ON GREED

-If you stay too long you lose. First of all because concentration is not infinite even though you don’t perceive it and continue to feel strong; second because the other players, even unconsciously, start knowing your play. Don’t hope for […]