Breakout Poker - A Review


When it comes to cherry-picking an online poker room to entice your mind, many freeze out. A poker room with many positive reviews, but with an outdated software is a risk in disguise. Major online poker rooms have seen their software improve. This is especially true with the likes of Breakout Gaming.

Breakout Gaming contents

Launched in November 2016, Breakout Gaming features sports gambling, poker (since December 2017), and casino games on its platform. Even though this online gaming operator uses the Breakout coin i.e. BRK as its currency, the platform still accepts many fiat currencies too.

BRK is a kind of cryptocurrency that facilitates the Breakout Gaming operations. A money transfer is made in seconds and it’s into and out of any gaming vertical. Further, trading is based on the open market policy with limited supply of tokens whose value depend on the demand.

The most popular gaming and gambling products on the Breakout Gaming include:

  • Games especially lottery, backgammon, belote, …
  • Poker which comprises traditional poker games, OFC poker, and skill training
  • Sports with its sportsbook, fantasy sports, pool betting and even virtual sports
  • Casino such as table games, slots and video poker
Breakout Poker is registered and owned by a Costa-Rica registered firm with a website that shows clearly that it has been awarded an official online gambling license. This fact certainly made it more attractive to poker players. The news of a license from Curacao was indeed like an incredible promotion for this online gaming company and made the value of BRK surge by 600 percent. Further plans by this firm include the release of innovative online games like the Breakout Lotto.

Mechanism of Breakout Gaming

Apart from having live dealer casino games, poker and virtual and fantasy sports, financial betting and skill games, Breakout Gaming boasts of a full sportsbook. You are allowed to make deposits of money by any popular deposit means as well as in form of bitcoins or breakout coins.

There are several promotions on the Breakout gaming platform that continuously update, so better you check their website for the most current promotions. Imagine that there was a recent promotion of 1 million BRK give-away. You also get bonuses and special offers when you deposit all-year round.


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